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Committed To High Quality Firewood

Since 2007 when I split my first piece of firewood I have asked questions and listened to my customers wants and specific needs to supply you with the best firewood available in the Greater Rochester, Finger Lakes and Western New York regions.
Over the years, as equipment evolved, has become more efficient and safer I have made significant investments which has allowed me to increase annual production while simultaneously improving quality, limiting customer costs and keeping firewood a safe and economical way to keep your home warm in the cold winter months.

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What do I consider the best quality Firewood?

Dried and seasoned for 14-16+ months. Free of any Rot, Bugs or dirt. Stored without being in direct contact with dirt/soil or water. Stored out of the elements during rain and snow seasons. Cut to consistent lengths and split into a mix of manageable sizes. Offering custom sizes to best suit specific needs. Having flexible delivery dates and times, delivering 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Quality seasoned firewood starts with proper storage

To many, firewood seems like a simple concept and I am constantly striving for improvements in the business to get you exactly what you need when you need it. Unlike any other local Firewood or Logging company’s, I do everything in house from harvesting the best species of hardwood timber, hauling the logs, and processing the logs into split seasoned firewood. This allows me to keep the very best product on hand year round, available 365 days a year.
The environment and sustaining our highly renewable resource is also very important. 99-100% of the firewood you receive is harvested from land that is being restored back to its original use, FARM LAND! I work directly with farmers and land owners to execute their specific goals on their land.

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About the Process

I harvest the timber mechanically and haul the logs to the road with a forwarder. The forwarder carries the logs off the ground rather than dragging them through the dirt and mud.
I haul the logs home and stockpile them until needed, typically over 16 months. Every log runs through a firewood processor and cleaner to make desired sizes and pieces and remove unwanted debris. The split wood is then stored on an asphalt pad to keep the wood clean, dry, and bug-free.

When it’s time to deliver seasoned wood, I already have thousands of cords seasoned and ready to burn at all times regardless of the weather. My delivery truck has a custom load divider so I can deliver 2 orders in 1 trip, bringing costs down and shortened wait times during the busy fall and winter heating seasons.

Premium Hardwoods

Maple, Cherry, Ash, Hickory, Beech
Consistently cut to 16″ (Custom sizes available)
*Prices subject to change

1 Face Cord:
$150 Delivered

2 Face Cords:
$125/fc Delivered

3 – 4 Face Cords:
$110/fc Delivered

5 – 9 Face Cords:
$100/fc Delivered

10+ Face Cords:
$95/fc Delivered

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